Benefits of Joining NYSIA



Benefits of Joining NYSIA

If we don’t already, NYSIA can help your self-insured business steer your way through New York State Workers’ Compensation Law and be your organization’s voice of reason and advocacy.

Become part of an informative and powerful network

As a member of NYSIA, your organization gains access to prominent professionals, some who lead their organizations’ self insurance efforts and others who guide New York State and U.S. workers’ compensation policy. As part of this exclusive network you will have first and best knowledge of developments in the regulatory environment including how to pay claim correspondence, from a roundtable of experts answering pressing questions on workers’ compensation rules and regulations.

Gain a voice and get your seat at the table

NYSIA, and you as a member, have a significant and strategic voice in the New York State and national conversation on workers’ compensation. For example:

  • NYSIA sits on the New York State Commission on Group Self Insurance, which gives members a say in the regulatory environment such as medical guidelines, return-to-work policies and group self insurance.
  • A NYSIA board member sits on the board of the Second Injury Fund, with a say on its operation, which affects New York State assessments.
  • NYSIA is a partner with the New York Business Council, the lobbying arm for businesses in New York State. As a member of its Workers’ Compensation Committee, the NYSIA has a prominent voice in lobbying priorities.
  • Twice every year, the New York State Insurance Advisory Board workers’ compensation chair meets with the NYSIA board.
  • NYSIA is a member of the National Council of Self Insurers, bringing back pertinent information to the membership on issues such as nationalizing workers’ compensation.

As a NYSIA member you also receive:

  • Expert interpretation in plain English of relevant regulations from member-attorneys.
  • Direct access to policy makers such as the chair of the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board at NYSIA workshops.
  • Contact with New York State legislators and other policy makers in government on issues that affect self insurance and workers’ compensation.

The New York Self Insurance Association is your network, your team, your information source and your access point to everything related to self insurance and workers’ compensation. Become a member today!




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